We were inspired by the era when children proudly owned and used their own quality hairbrush, made from natural bristles and it was a true keepsake. We wanted to bring that concept into today’s world and create a natural quality collection of detangling hairbrushes that also engaged with children emotionally.

We didn’t see the point of bringing more plastic hairbrushes into the world and we were fed up with using hairbrushes on our children’s hair that only brushed the top layer of their hair and left a “bird’s nest” underneath! We also loathed using products on their hair, just to reduce the tantrums trying to get the knots out!

So we put these concepts together and created gnot . The name gnot is our twist on a knot in wood and a knot in hair. Our hairbrushes are everyday, natural detangling hairbrushes and also make unique and special gifts for children.