The Art of Giving: Clemmie Telford

the art of giving

I’m Clemmie, I live in Peckham with my husband, 3 kids and sausage dog.

I have a blog which is a collection of life experience written in list form.

I’m also a freelance Creative Director advising brands on everything from social strategy to #ads.


Best gift you have ever received?

When I had Greta a friend surprised me with an entire Ocado delivery: gin, biscuits, nappies, snacks for the boys, meals for Ben and I. So thoughtful. So appreciated.


Best gift you have ever given?

I take gift giving really seriously. We commissioned artist Alex May Hughes to make my Dad a piece for his 60th birthday based on the Cunningham (that’s my maiden name) family crest. It was a giant pearlescent unicorn head. 


Do you like surprises or do you write a list?

I’ve always thought I was a surprise kind of girl. But after a several disappointing episodes I’ve realised I am a list sort. 


Lots of little gifts or one main present?

I don’t mind which. My biggest thing is I DON’T WANT SOMETHING PRACTICAL. Ben use to repeatedly get me ‘useful’ things, when what I really want it’s ‘treaty bits’ - the sort of stuff I’d struggle to justify getting myself.


Favourite person to buy for, and why?

Anyone! I love it! I love really trying to get inside their head and choose something they’d love. 

Oh and I’ve recently had a daughter and I am very much enjoying buying stuff for ‘her’ (by her I kinda mean me -ha!).


Gift wrapping: bells-and-whistles or brown-paper-and-string?

Bit of both. Love brown paper but with a neon ribbon!

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